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  • Our pipe insulation is made from our high quality microfoil invented by NASA, not the cheaper bubble wrap or low E insulation that others use.

  • Our high quality insulated line has a much higher R value than others with a rating of aboutR16. That is about 1-2 degrees of heat loss per 100ft of tubing.Our R value has been tested not just made up. That makes thisone of the best values. Others are selling this pipe for $12 per foot!

  • Ours does NOT have a string in it to pull the electric wire through. Water and electric does NOT mix! By putting your electrical wire through the same tubing as the water lines, you are endangering yourself in case of a short in the wire as it will electrify your water in the line. This can cause a fire or even death!

  • Our line is expandable! Others may tell you that the pipe they sell is not expandable and will not crack if frozen. Have you ever seen water freeze and not expand? Decide for yourself if the wool is being pulled over your eyes!

  • Beware of cheaper grades of pipe! Our heavy duty tubing has the shipping weight of 280lbs per 250 foot roll. The inside pipe of this product isclass A pex for portable water.Many towns and building inspectors will not approve anything but Class A for underground applications! If you are looking at pipe that is not expandable and can only be used with crimp fittings, or that does not have Class A printed on the pipe, it's more than likely NOT pex Class (A) for potable water and a cheaper quality!

  • The inside 1 inch ID Pex linesare made from REHAU Pex orWIRSBO, two of the top quality lines on the market! Our customers do NOT have a choice of the brand it depends of availability between these two lines but both are equally superior.


Introducing our 40 year limited warranty against cracking and splitting. We can offer this amazing warranty to you because of the high quality of this pipe! Shop with confidence! If the inside pipe freezes and cracks, we will replace it at no charge to you! If the line freezes and cracks due to pump failure or other reasons, we will ship you a 'loaner line' that can be laid on top of the ground until the spring when the frozen lines thaw out. There is no charge for this service except for the shipping costs to and from your location, as this is will be only a loaner line and must be returned. No other company makes this offer!
Our pipe can freeze solid without breaking where others can not!