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Trinity Tft-Lx Display Enhancements
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Installation and Operation Manual

Appendix A-Controller & Touchscreen Display
Appendix B-Boiler Applications
Appendix C-Water Heater Applications
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Directives d'installation et de fonctionnement
Cleaning and Service Procedure
Trinity Lx 150-800 Parts List




  • 5.7” touchscreen display with easy-to-read format, high level of controllability and customization (by both user and installer), Modbus communication, array of software features, and extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting functions.
  • Efficiencies of up to 98% steady state and 90% AFUE, and savings of up to 25%
  • Maximum permissible modulation rates of 5:1 
  • Can lead to a reduction of 2.5 tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to two acres or 280 trees
  • Floor or wall-mount configuration
  • Factory-installed condensate trap with no moving parts
  • Spark ignition with dual electrodes using a high-output transformer
  • Removable door and hinged display panel for ultimate serviceability
  • No clearance required on the back, bottom or right side
  • Three configurable pump outputs
  • Integrated combustion platform (ICP)
    • Plug-In-Module card contains model specific information; can be used to upload/download custom settings
    • All operations are performed in one electronic controller
    • Sliding electrical box makes servicing easy
    • Critical components are independently fused for superior protection
    • Multiple inputs and outputs for ultimate controllability
    • Accepts modulation input from other energy management controllers
    • Quick connectors allow for easy diagnostics
    • High-capacity spark ignition generator